Greenko School of Sustainability

Indian Institute of Technology Hyd​erabad

Ph.D in Sustainable Engineering

The Greenko School of Sustainability at IIT Hyderabad offers an innovative interdisciplinary doctoral program in sustainability, equipping aspiring scholars with the expertise to advance environmental stewardship and sustainable development. 

The Doctoral program in Sustainable Engineering is designed to develop science and technology in climate change mitigation, energy transition, industry transformation, recycling, reuse, repurposing and refurbishing, AI and space technologies for ​climate change mitigation, circular economy, green chemistry, net zero and net negative industrial clusters. 

The Greenko School of Sustainability is inviting applications from highly motivated individuals who would want to explore these cross-disciplinary research areas today to address the sustainability needs of tomorrow.For detailed information on admissions, Download the brochure.

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Master's Program

The Greenko School of Sustainability at IIT Hyderabad offers three distinct inter-disciplinary two-year M.Tech programs in Sustainable Engineering, Energy Science and Technology, and E-Waste Resource Engineering and Management. These programs are crafted to meet the specific sustainability aspects of climate, energy, and e-waste management. These programs include courses on climate change mitigation, carbon capture, storage, and utilization, renewable energy, energy storage, bio-energy, environmental impact, electrochemical energy storage, waste management, process metallurgy, e-waste recycling methods, supply chain management, circular economy, policies, etc. For detailed information on admissions, Download the brochure. 

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Energy Science & Technology
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E-Waste Resource Engineering & Technology
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