Greenko School of Sustainability

Indian Institute of Technology Hyd​erabad

About the ​S​cho​ol

Greenko Group and IIT Hyderabad are collaborating to establish the Greenko School of Sustainability at the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad. The School of Sustainability is designed to shape a world that harmonizes with nature and empowers future generations toward a more sustainable tomorrow. The objectives of the school are to conduct research and development, education programs. The Greenko School of Sustainability will be structured as a cross-disciplinary center that manages seamless participation and knowledge flow from all existing departments and centers of IIT Hyderabad.  


Our Vision​ is to expedite scientific, technological, and policy ties in order to expedite the energy and industrial transformation in a way that is both globally sustainable and efficient.


Our mission is to promote effective, net-zero, sustainable energy and industrial transformation through education, research, technology, and entrepreneurial development.


Within the next ten years, we aim to be among the top t​​en worldwide organizations for energy and industrial sustainability research, outreach, training, and education.

Research Areas

The Focus of Research and Development would be to localize the technologies being developed and available across the globe

Climate Change Mitigation

Energy Transition and Industrial Transformation

Recycling, Reuse, Repurposing and Refurbishing

AI and Space Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation

Green Chemistry and Industrial Processes

Industrial Ecology- Net Zero or Net Negative Clusters